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Rabbi Daniel Greer, Rabbi
Avi Hack, Gabbai

The Yeshiva of New Haven Shul offers a warm, uplifting davening in a Yeshiva atmosphere. The davening is serious and conducted at a pace which enables proper attention and kavono. A vibrant beis medrash complements the facility.

Located within the Mesivta of New Haven, the Yeshiva Shul welcomes all comers. Following Shabbos and Yom Tov davening, a delightful community kiddush is served; and all are encouraged to join for seudah shlishis on Shabbos afternoon which features zmiros, a dvar Torah, and plentiful food. Join us when passing through New Haven on vacation, you will be welcome to enjoy the hot breakfast served daily following Shacharis.

Learning opportunities abound at Yeshiva. Each morning, Rabbi Greer teaches a ten minute halacha shiur after Shacharis and, during the summer, there are several intimate shiurim and chevrusos on Shabbos afternoons.

The Yeshiva Shul's calendar is chock full of exciting and stimulating events. Layl Shavuos learning features shiurim and chevrusos all night followed by sunrise davening . During Succos, the community celebrates Simchas Beis HaShoevah dancing to the accompaniment of live music. At Simchas Torah, Hakafos at the Minyan, continue late into the night and resume with equal vigor throughout the day. Yom Tov culminates with a communal seudah before Minchah. Costumes are much in evidence on Purim, and Megillah reading is interspersed with mimed humor.

New Torah delivered to city Yeshiva amid jubilant celebration - New Haven Register 10/30/00

Click for times of davening, candle lighting, women's shiur or to be added to the Yeshiva Shul mailing list or to send us an By phone, call Yeshiva Shul Office at 203-777-2200.

Join us for davening, we look forward to welcoming you!

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